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About Us!

About Us!
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New & updated picture's added for this new site!
Name: Lindsey
Age: 20
Occupation: Dog Trainer / Pet Store
Hiya, Im Lindsey... the owner of the animals on this site, also the editer & web master of pucci pups. I hope you enjoy this site just has much as you did the last one.
I have liked dog's all my life, well since i can remember anyway, but my mother would never let me have one. So when i got my own home after a few month's me and my other half decided to get a dog in which was first Tegan (Yellow Lab), Then with time difference's came Floss, Buddy & Frankie... Just after we had buddy we had the two cat Whiska's & Tinie, In Which you'll find the story on the "Our Cat's" Page!
Then there was "Chip" My Rodent "Hamster"!!
any queries please email
Fankooo for coming online to Pucci Pups


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