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Brief Labrador Info!
An intelligent, soft mouthed retriever with a willingness to work and a love of water. happiest out in the countryside,the dog neverless makes an adaptable devoted family pet and is good with children. These are capable and energetic dogs,eager to work and play with vigour and enthusiasm. Beware of overfeeding,however, as it is an easy matter for them to become lazy and obese.
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Name: Tegan (Entire Male)
Nicknames: Tegwin Boo, Mummy's Boy, Mr .Tee
Age: 3 yr old - January 2004
Colour: Yellow/Golden
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Tegan Love's attention, more so given by Lindsey!.. Tegan Enjoy's alot of playing time, acting like a puppy, playing fetch, working & swimming. Tegan mainly hate's doing obedience & not being around his mum (Lindsey) Awww Teg!!
Tegan is also known as the toilet roll dog, not being his breed is on the andrex advert , but you could never get him away from toilet roll, when he was a puppy!! bless!


Name: Frankie (Castrated Male)
Nicknames: Hanky Panky Frankie! Frankster!
Age: 2 year old - November 2004
Colour: Chocolate/Liver
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Frankie is also a attention loving labrador, love's the company of people, & like's to make everyone feel loved. Frankie enjoy's everything, exspecially enjoy carry's is toy's & teddy's around with him. Frankie Love's also swimming & retrieving & most importantly food, & hate's the one & only food potatoe.
We had frankie, a few day's before he turned 1 year old, from an owner that was no longer unable to keep him, To this day he has been a pleasure to own!! & a great laugh too!! Silly woofter!

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