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Brief Cocker Spaniel Info
A willing and happy dog. The cocker spaniel is quick to adapt to its surroundings and is equally at home sniffing around in grasslands as it is playing indoors with the family. The breed enjoys excercise and company and delights in carrying things about in its mouth. The cocker is full of charm matched with good looks and lively personality. It needs all the excercise you can give, but be careful to remove tangles after a walk in the wood's.
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Name: Buddy (Entire Male)
Nicknames: Buddy Big Wigg, Spud Nick!
Age: 2 year old - December 2004
Colour: Black
Breed: English Cocker Spaniel
Buddy is a very affectionate dog, Loves cuddles and attention. But can also be wild & living it to the full. Buddy enjoy's short & long walk's, as long as he can have a good sniff, he happy. Buddy is certainly at home, sleeping peacefully in his basket with the cat's!
But outsider dog's beware, he's very protective of his sister Floss.


Name: Floss (Bitch)
Nickname: Flossika, The Bitch, Mum's Girl!
Age: 2 year old - December 2004
Colour: Light Black & White
Breed: English Cocker Spaniel
Floss is a very wild and adventureus dog, she don't mind getting her paws dirty. Floss Love's well absolutely adores retrieving she will doing just about anything, well not just about she will do anuthing for a ball, she loves to carry it along where ever she goes, even sleep's with a ball in her mouth. When you can get her away from her ball obsession she, just like buddy is very affectionate & adore's attention.

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