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Brief Info
These two cat's were found on the street's has kitten's in may 2005, at a young age of around 6 - 8 week's. The mother was a stray along with the other 3 kitten's that were running wild with these pair, the other kitten's we were unable to catch.
Up to this date we do on occasions see the mum still around looking for food, but she is known as the neighbourhood stray & does get alot of people that feed her.
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Name: Whiskas (Entire Male)
Nicknames: Whisky Boo, Whiskin, Uncle Whiskas
Age: Approx just over 1 year old
Colour: Black & White
Breed: ? X Moggie
Whiskas is a very laid back male moggie, he's is quite timid when it comes to stranger's, but very friendly towards people he know's. He also seems very docil, & get;s himself into alot of mischief, as cat's do. But thats silly ol Whiskin Boo


Name: Tinie (Spayed Queen)
Nicknames: Queen Bee , Tinie Winie
Age: Approx just over 1 year old
Colour: Brown tabby & white
Breed: ? X Moggie
Tinie is a very quiet cat, she likes to get her self to her self, she does have a bit of the wild side, in which she acts like shes a wild cat, but as an equal point to us in which she will be friendly, since having her spay, she has got more confident in herself, & comming out of her shell alot more. The Sister of Whiskas

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